Ss U Bracket Clamp – Its Uses For The Different Purposes

Posted by Admin on January, 25, 2023

Exhaust Clamps, also recognized as U Bracket clamps, are primarily used for automotive purposes to fix the user to the vehicle, avoiding the need for welding.

A good quality clamp will develop the performance of a vehicle, as a faulty clamp means that the airflow is not limited through the exhaust. This will lead to loss of power from the engine and a sub-standard enactment from your car or van.

As well as being used to advance the performance of vehicles, U Bracket Clamp also have other non-automotive uses, such as holding pipes or tubes in place on both the interior and exterior of a property.

  • Ss U Bracket Clamp are manufactured in mild Steel Zinc plates and are supplied complete with nuts.
  • Obtainable from Fasten right in sizes M6, M8 and heavy duty M10, as well as 3/8″ BSW.
  • Non-standard sizes, materials and polishes are obtainable to order as specials, comprising small volume manufacture, alterations and custom parts made to drawings.

Applications of U Bracket Clamp

U Bracket Clamp has an extended range of applications. They are broadly used as piping support solutions. The common uses of U Bracket Clamp in piping solutions are:

Use of U Bracket Clamp as pipe supports: They are used to deliver lateral restraints to pipes. For small-bote piping systems, U Bracket Clamps are the simplest and most extensively used type of piping support. In any plant, for supporting bare pipes lesser than 8-inch size, U Bracket Clamps are widely used. As already stated them gathering as rest+guide+hold down. U Bracket Clamps are accomplished to suppress line vibrations by providing severity to the system. For supporting vertical raised runs of pipe, U Bracket Clamp are a good choice.

Uses of U Bracket Clamp for pipe shipping: In the pipe and pipeline shipping industry U Bracket Clamps are used to avoid pipe movement and breakage.

U-bolt: U-bolt as Anchor

In gripped U Bracket Clamp configuration, the U Bracket Clamp works as an anchor and stop pipe movement at the support location. To work the pipe U Bracket Clamp as an anchor, the U Bracket Clamp needs to be installed such that there is no space between the pipe and U Bracket Clamp. Both the clamps are placed at the bottom of the secondary support structure and constricted to snug against the pipe. The resistance force in between the clamp and pipe surfaces restricts the pipe measure in the axial direction to work as a directional anchor. Though, with an increase in line stops axial forces, the frictional force may not be able to withstand the axial force and may slip. This is the reason the use of U Bracket Clamps as anchors is limited to lower-size pipes; generally up to 6-inch pipes.

Materials of U Bracket Clamp

Even though U Bracket Clamp can be manufactured from any kind of strong and durable materials; in the piping industry, the following materials are extensively used. Plain Carbon Steel, and stainless steel. Sometimes, defensive coatings are added to stop corrosion.

Some of the usual U Bracket Clamp coatings are:

  • Zinc Plating
  • Hot-Dip Galvanization
  • Thermoplastic coating
  • Fluoropolymer coating

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